Straight talk in Management is an Asset!


Straight talk is an asset every Leader should use in his/her business 👍. It is a management style that encourages your team, your customers, your boss to voice their feedback genuinely. It also means your ideas will be valued.

In today’s world, where everything is evolving every second, we need to go fast. Everyone has to be clear with your strategy and goals. For that, nothing better than a “straight to the point” Leader.

💡 In some companies, it is part of the shared Vision & Mission. Great! Be sure everyone embraces it and actions are taken. Otherwise, it will have a deflating effect.


To use this management style, you have to:

💥 Be ready to receive feedback you do not like

💥 Be ready to always listen and respond

💥 Be ready to enlarge your vision and challenge yourself


👉 Best moments for a Straight Talk conversation?

  • While managing your team
  • During recruitment process
  • When receiving customer feedback
  • In any business situation


Evolving in a challenging world

Managers are constantly confronted with quicksand. You have to navigate with agility every day. To face this in an efficient way, you need a team who is committed to you. If you miss the point, no matter if you are a VP or a Junior Manager, your.teams will not be as efficient as they should. Straight talk and authenticity are the 2 key words to create a solid commitment.

It requires a lot of managerial courage to face issues, solve problems and be honest with your team. This is why being a good Leader is the greatest job I have ever had in my life ⭐. I guess straight talk is a way of managing after all. Even in the 2000’s where the business world was slower, this approach was a winning attitude.


Understanding the game changers

New generations and digital explosion are two big game changers. A prime example is the attention we dedicate to the Millennial Generation. In our recent history, no generation has ever got this level of attention and has been at the center of the world. They want open conversations and be part of the picture. Straight talk is the way!

How many times, you have been involved (or forced 😂) in team building activities? Honestly, Team building activities have been invented for Managers who struggle to know and manage their teams. If you are close to your teams, know them and involve them in your strategy, you have everything you need to exceed your targets and smash numbers 👍😃.

Straight talk has always been part of my style. This is a natural way of being and managing. I have always been rewarded a hundredfold for being open and direct in my conversation. Of course, this is not always easy to behave so. Sometimes, niceties are a better option 🤣. But, 99% of the time, choose the straight talk approach!


Please watch this short video about “A guide to collaborative Leadership” from Lorna Davis former Executive at Danone. She gives us more tips about straight talk mentality and collaborative Leadership culture. Lorna David confesses with humility how she failed sometimes and how she has evolved over the time. A great video to watch!



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