The customer is the Channel!

The Customer is The Channel! It is now time ! Retail has to evolve to a customer Centric approach rather than organisation/product/P&L structure approach. We have to be courageous to move forward and invent new KPIs to drive this reality “The customer is The Channel”.

Conversion rate should consider physical store traffic + Economic traffic. We should track interaction with customers who then shop on line for a reason. Is there any Retailer doing it already? Not sure …

Sales Associate efficiency is not anymore conversion that day of the visit BUT conversion during any kind of visit anytime (Online, Instagram sales, High street store, Franchise Store, Department Store). Probably a nightmare for our IT partner but this is the future 😃!

What we really need is an empathic store team who shows passion to the brand and customer, who creates the desire for the brand that then converts into sales. Easy to write, hard work to achieve. I am convinced that this should be THE priority of each Store Manager, District Manager and Retail Director. 


Calling on Exec teams

We also need CEO and Managing Director to embrace this “The Customer is The Channel” culture and start making decisions accordingly. This means being bold and innovative creating new tools and new structures such as new hiring criteria, KPIs analysis, decisions made through Omni P&L review, product assortment by location and not through a convenient bulk of product selected thanks to density only. We could mention more ideas.

I can start with some proposals :

💡 I suggest we create a unique conversion rate including Ecom sales in a designated area or city. With this, I really measure Store staff efforts to convert. Team offered a great service but customer bought on line. Job is done! So the correct Conversion rate should be 100%. Today, it would be 0% 😀

💡 I suggest a Geo Mapping tool to facilitate the decision making to optimize store network, opening, closing, which channel would more appropriate in this area for example.

💡 I suggest a complete turn around in recruiting techniques and criteria. Attitude should be on top of the list.


Few questions to ask yourself 🤔

🔎 Why is my Net Promoter Score declining?

🔎 How many meeting did you leave with talking about the customer even 1 minute?

🔎 Is attitude my number one criteria when it comes to recruitment?

🔎 When was the last time you ran a customer focus group?