Retail performances 360

Your business challenges: our solutions!

Your business challenges: our solutions!

Retail Performance 360 supports in your Business and People strategies. We are obsessed by customer satisfaction and performance is the heart of our engagement. Retail Performance 360 is the perfect link between the retail basics and the on-going consumer transformation in a disruptive environment such as Digital.

To succeed in the missions you will give us, we will focus on 3 mains assets:

⇒ my Field expertise + my ability to assess a situation and provide a clear diagnostic + my personality.

We trust our conversations to be straight to the point with tools and actions tailored to your needs. Our «trademark» is to show an agile, empathic and demanding attitude.

Retail Performance 360 offers:


Performance commitments


A clear, actionable and tailored strategy

A 3D view : People + Business + Future

Tangible results


Solution packages


Optimize your Business Performance

Support your business development
and Omnichannel strategy

100% Customer centric

Optimize your People Performance

Call on an additional one-time resource

An adapted and tailor-made solution to one of your priorities


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Retail performance 360

Don’t miss an opportunity again!

Your business challenges: our solutions!

Optimize your Business performance

  • A complete Audit of your store network
  • Increase store density while reinforcing commerciality
  • Create made to measure tools in line with your business strategy and performance expectations
  • Design key performance indicators connected with the new ways of consuming

Support your Business Development and Omnichannel strategy

  • Define the perfect Omnichannel approach combining brand awareness, digital presence and profitability
  • Establish a turnkey business plan for a new country or new channel opening
  • Match efficient key performance indicators with strategy and digital acceleration > 360° overview tool, Geomapping

100% Customer centric

  • Build a seamless and strong customer journey generating additionnal revenues between Physical and Digital businesses
  • Reinforce your customer journey DNA to become a best in class player
  • Increase Operations and Coms excellence ensuring great efficiency between Field and Head office

Optimize your People Performance

  • Boost your People organization combining Business acumen, Management style and Talent
  • Facilitate new ways of working such as home office, distance management and mix generations Management efficiency
  • Establish a diagnosis of a situation, a process, an organization issue such as restructure, digital disruption
  • Work as a Mentor for your Managers : Retail Director, Regional Manager, District Manager.

Call on an additional one-time resource

  • Change Management
  • Interim Management

An adapted and tailor-made solution to one of your priorities

My major achievements

  • European Omnichannel strategy lead
  • Business transformation of 450 shops in shop in Europe
  • Design and roll out of the Floor Management : a key role on the Field
  • New Customer Experience design and roll out
  • Optimize mix product – Increase commercial margin
  • Merchandising partnerships with professional sports entities
  • 360° overview : a key tool to drive performance in store
  • Internal talent pool program creation and design